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Established 2007

More than a decade of great service

Our mission is to help food manufacturing companies reach international markets and increase sales by certifying their products as kosher approved.

What is a kosher certification?

Kosher certified food means food that meets the requirements of the Jewish law regarding what foods Jews are allowed to eat (The word kosher means “fit” or “proper” in Hebrew). Although originally aimed towards Jewish consumers, buying kosher certified products had become a global trend. People of different nationalities and religions trust the quality of kosher products.
Here are some examples:

 Health-conscious consumers increasingly choose kosher as one of their standards of quality;

 Consumers with specific dietary restrictions and/or preferences seek kosher products not only for their clearly identifiable labels but also because they are produced under strict inspection;

 Many Muslims turn to kosher foods to satisfy their dietary laws (Baruch College, Dollars & Sense 2010);

 Vegans look for Kosher “Pareve” (non-meat, non-dairy) products;

Nowadays, all global brands have kosher food in their product range, which most people in the world associate with a higher quality product. “ The U.S. kosher market is valued at $24 billion and is predicted to grow 11.5% by 2025” (Kosher network international, Jacksonville FL) “Placed side-by-side on the shelf, Kosher products SELL 20% BETTER than competing non-kosher brands” (Kosher Spirit) The Sign of Kosher Kosher is confidence. In today’s global economy, where even the basic necessities may originate in far-off lands, consumers are increasingly looking to trusted, independent authorities to inspect and approve the food and beverage products they feed their families.

The Cyprus Kosher sign on a product means…

• A 3rd-party agency guarantees the highest regulatory standards;

• All ingredients were examined and approved by rigorous independent inspectors;

• Production facilities are under continuous compliance inspection;

• All supervision is securely monitored digitally to minimize errors.

Why choose Cyprus Kosher?

 CK is recognized and well-respected by all kosher authorities worldwide.

 CK cooperates with some of the major kosher authorities in the world and leads special projects internationally.

 CK has an international board of world-famous rabbis, food experts, and advisers.

 CK is the kosher agency with the best reputation in Europe.

 CK is Known for its speed, innovation, and convenience.

 Founded in 2007, CK has experience of over a decade serving customers worldwide.

 CK is the most rapidly growing organization in the industry.

As you can already see, getting your products kosher certified is key for long-term business success. We would love to help you grow your business by going kosher.  

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